Project Structure

FaceSharp contains a number of projects, getting familiar with the project structure will help you get going:
  • FaceSharp - The core library
  • FaceSharp.MVC - The sample application - this can be used as a baseline for creating your own apps
    • Areas - we found it a good practice to use areas for each Facebook Application we are building, this allows for one solution to host multiple Facebook Apps
      • FacebookApp - This is the sample Facebook Canvas Application, we include a number of examples in here:
      • Template - A good starting point for you to develop your own app (you can refer back to FacebookApp for examples on how to interact with the API.
        • Views / Shared / Template.master - An HTML 5 compliant master template. Finer details will be included in our Front End Developer Guide.
      • Touch - An example of a web based Mobile application
    • Code / Facebook / FacebookCore.cs - This tells FaceSharp how to read configuration information and provides a callback when a user authorizes your app.
    • Scripts - We include a number of core libraries that will help you get going.
  • FaceSharp.Web.Cloak.IIS - This project is used to hide that you are using IIS - (helps to stop script kiddies from attacking your site)
  • Samples - where we are adding additional sample apps
    • FaceSharp.Samples.WinForm - A fully functional Winform App - uses authentication and allows the user to browse their photos.

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