Key Features of FaceSharp

Key Features:
  • Support for GraphAPI Calls
  • Support for Older Style Facebook API Calls - (Not all functionality was replaced when the GraphAPI was introduced, therefore the older style Facebook API Calls are necessary)
  • OAuth 2.0 Authentication
    • Implemented both client and server side, allowing you to code in the back-end or in javascript on the front end.

Sampling of API Methods Integrated:
  • Graph API
    • Albums
      • Adding Albums (posting to me/albums)
      • Get Album
      • Get Albums (retrieving from me/albums)
    • Likes
    • Feed Publish (posting to userid/feed)
      • to self
      • to friend
      • to applicaiton wal
    • User Details (retrieving from /me with specified fields or by using another user's id)
    • Get Friends (retrieving from /me/friends)
    • Photos
      • Get Photo
      • Get Photos by Album Id - (retrieving from /<<album id>>/photos)
      • Upload Photo (by posting to /<<album id>>/photos
  • Rest API
    • Dashboard Methods
      • Dashboard.DecrementCount
      • Dashboard.IncrementCount
      • Dashboard.SetCount
    • Notifications
      • Notifications.SendEmail

Is there a feature that you want but don't see?

Please add it in the Issue Tracker and we'll look into it

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sondlerd Sep 8, 2010 at 3:26 AM 
Can you tell me where I can see an example of the OAuth 2.0 authorize and allow extended permissions for email via new FaceSharp API? I would like to do everything in C# in the code behind.

thanks, Rob