Notes on authorization:
  1. if signedrequest parameter is present, use that above all else. (set facesharp cookie with session / code details from signed_request)
  2. if facesharp_cookie is present use it
  3. if fbsr_cookie is present use it

Offline Access

See for example

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wa_dev Apr 6, 2011 at 4:03 PM 

Thank you. Part of my problem was the fact that the "facesharp.dll" is not included in the FaceSharp 2.1 "lib" folder (where I assumed all the .dll's were)... this makes much more sense, and now my other project work perfect using the libraries here... and as I dug around in the folders, I found a copy of that .dll in one of the other debug folders. I also figured out how to get this done without the sdk, and instead shooting webrequests directly at the graph api... now, with the proper setup in my project, I can use either or to get the job done... Can't thank you enough:)