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QuickStart Guide

A simple walkthrough on getting your development environment ready for developing with FaceSharp using NuGet
  1. Get FaceSharp with NuGet
  2. Apply Attributes on Controllers for authentication.
  3. Initialize Facebook JavaScript SDK Properly Learn how to initialize the Javascript SDK AND Facesharp Server Side at the same time.
  4. Make Facebook API Calls with FaceSharp
  5. Design and Copy Requirements Know what you need before you start
  6. Tracking Understand how users are getting to your app in order to optimize word of mouth

More Details on FaceSharp and Facebook Development

  • Features Learn about the functionality contained with FaceSharp
  • Project Overview Start here first, learn about the project structure and what's included.
  • Useful Links Want to learn more about all the information available to you check here
  • Facebook Development 101 Just starting out with Facebook Devleopment, this will help you get up to speed.
  • Facebook Design Patterns Learn about LikeGates and other design patterns on Facebook


A few files you might find helpful

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